Washing and maintenance of down products

We often encounter the misconception that products filled with natural down must not be washed. Nothing could be further from the truth 🙂

Following the recommendations below, your “down” products will regain their original cleanliness and resilience without losing their properties.


Sleeping bags, jackets, vests, etc. filled with natural down should be washed manually or automatically at 30 degrees.
Traditional gray soap can be used for washing, but we recommend using special agents for the maintenance of products with down filling (e.g. GRANGER’S liquid soap, NIKWAX DOWN WASH).
Down products cannot be dry cleaned.

Velcro, press studs and zippers should be secured (unfastened). Wash extremely dirty areas by hand. Garments and sleeping bags that are bulky in size should be pre-soaked before putting them into the washing machine.


We recommend tumble drying – gentle progam max. 60˚C, preferably several cycles.

Manual drying.
This is best done on a bright, windy day outdoors (e.g. in the garden, balcony). After washing, down is usually heavily clumped. Dry the product flat (not vertically) by shaking and patting down chambers at intervals of about 20 minutes once on the right and once on the left side.

THERMOACTIVE models (with waterproof outer shell/membrane) should be dried on the LEFT side.

Remember to store your down products properly!

The sleeping bags come with two bags. A compression one and a large bag for storing the down sleeping bag at home (in an expanded state).

Store the down product in the compression bag only as long as necessary.
To those who feel unable to wash and dry their down product on their own, we offer a laundry service.

Just send us your jacket or sleeping bag, and we’ll take care of the rest. Please include a form with laundry and contact information with your package. (link to the form)

You can take advantage of our remote laundry services through the following links:

Down Jacket laundry
Vest laundry
Waterproof jacket laundry
Down sweater laundry
Sleeping bag laundry


The service will be completed within two weeks of receiving the package.

Please send the package to the following address:

PSA Małachowski
ul. Skoczowska 49
43-426 Dębowiec