The Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering, Department of Microelectronics and Computer Techniques, has become the beneficiary of a project implemented within the European Regional Development Fund, Priority Axis IV: “Increasing Research and Development Potential,” Action 4.1 – “Scientific Research and Development,” Sub-measure 4.1.4 – “Applied Projects.”

The project, titled “Personalized Protective Clothing for Mountain Rescuers with Active Heating Function,” led by the Lodz University of Technology, Department of Microelectronics and Computer Techniques, has received funding in the amount of over 3.9 million Polish Złoty.

The total project value, including the contribution from the entrepreneur, amounts to over 4.3 million Polish Złoty.

The project’s subject is personalized protective clothing designed for mountain rescuers, equipped with intelligent heating and energy harvesting functions from alternative sources, presenting an innovative national-scale solution. The product will integrate modern solutions from the fields of electronics, computer science, textiles, and occupational safety.

The project’s target group is mountain rescuers who currently use passive general-purpose outdoor clothing. Conducting multi-hour operations in low temperatures and high humidity requires specialized and personalized protective clothing. The demand for such clothing is increasing with the number of incidents and interventions in mountainous areas. Replacing passive heating with active heating will enhance its effectiveness while maintaining mobility, and personalizing the product will increase user comfort. These goals will be achieved through industrial research in each of the integration areas. Research will cover textile materials, heating elements, techniques for their connection, and optimal placement. Technologies for energy acquisition and storage from alternative sources will be analyzed for integration into the clothing. Control system development will involve signal selection, sensor types, their placement, and communication with the central unit. An intelligent heating control algorithm will be developed to optimize energy consumption and adapt to user preferences. The use of anthropometric measurements will allow for clothing templates’ personalization.

The project’s developmental phase will result in a clothing prototype (undergarments, outerwear, and intermediate layers) enhanced and optimized based on conducted tests, meeting the requirements of relevant regulations. A complete methodology for user tests will be developed for the final verification of the prototype under field conditions.

The project is carried out by a scientific consortium, which includes:

Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering, Department of Microelectronics and Computer Techniques
(Leader of the scientific consortium)

Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy-Państwowy Instytut Badawczy

Pracownia Sprzętu Alpinistycznego MAŁACHOWSKI s.c.

As a result of project implementation, an investment will be made to significantly accelerate the design process of personalized products and enable mass-scale production of such items tailored to individual customer needs.

The primary goal of the project is to implement technology that involves offering personalized clothing and down-filled sleeping bags for sale online. The innovative product consists of an ultralight down item (jacket or sleeping bag) tailored using remote anthropometric measurement techniques, from photographs, and utilizing the Internet as a communication channel with the customer.

Project Value: PLN 1,016,000.00
European Funds Contribution: PLN 457,200.00

Project Goal: The project aims to introduce an innovative product in the form of individually modified workwear for cold environments into production.

Planned Effects: As a result of implementing innovative individually modified workwear for cold environments, the following will occur:

  • Customization of solutions and the production of new, improved clothing tailored for specific user groups (rescue services, special units, traditional users).
  • Increased competitiveness through the expansion of the product range and a significant improvement in the quality of the offering, enhancing its attractiveness to customers seeking specialized cold-protective clothing.

Project Value: 639,600.00 PLN European Funds Contribution: 234,000.00 PLN