PFP – a tool for collecting anthropometric measurements from a photograph.


1. Print the reference quadrilateral
A4 format PDF link:
A3 format PDF link:
2. Attach the reference quadrilateral to a rigid surface using tape.
3. Ensure good contrast between the sheet and the surface.

4. Ensure a bright, uniform background.
5. Camera resolution: at least 7 megapixels – a new mobile phone, e.g., iPhone.
The camera should be approximately 3.5 meters away, and it should be held straight in relation to the person.
Camera height: slightly above the level of the navel (about 10 cm); it’s best to use a tripod.
The camera’s position must be the same for all three photos.


  • The person being photographed should be wearing underwear or tightly fitted clothing, preferably sleeveless and in light colors.
  • The neck must be visible, with long hair pulled up. The face can be covered.
  • Shoes should be removed.


  • The model stands precisely in the middle of the reference quadrilateral. All four corners of the quadrilateral must be visible.
  • A straight line (e.g., a wall corner) must be visible in the frame. This will be used for lens distortion correction.
  • The model should be centered in the photo. Zoom is allowed.
  • The model should stand naturally – as clothing would be worn.

Front View: Photo 1. Arms about 20cm apart from the thighs.

Side View: 2 photos: Photo 2. Keep your arms exactly as in the front view photo. Photo 3. Cross your arms to show the backline and the front of the waist