Kryty szew
‘PATENT 143773’ The technological solution pertains to the method of attaching spacer tapes to outer/inner fabrics. This has minimized moisture migration ‘along the thread’ through the seams and increased the seam’s resistance to degradation due to friction against the thread. Additionally, in the case of a “sealed seam,” the phenomenon of down migration “through the seams” has been minimized.

Down System X

X-chamber – quilted – the simplest way of constructing chambers, with two layers of fabric sewn directly together, used in products with a small amount of down. At the joining point, a so-called “cold seam” is formed.

Down System H

H-chambers – two layers of material are connected with a spacer tape, thereby eliminating the creation of a thermal bridge. This is the most commonly used construction method for down clothing.

Down System V

V-chambers – two layers of fabric are joined together with an additional third layer of material connected to the two outer layers in the shape of the letter V. This solution offers better thermal performance compared to the method where H-chambers are used. We use this design in the majority of our brand’s down sleeping bags.

System Vario

Vario construction – it’s a system in which we’ve combined synthetic insulation with down insulation. The synthetic insulation acts as a barrier layer, protecting the down inside from moisture. This solution provides better insulation properties in variable weather conditions. The insulating properties of down significantly decrease when it is wet or damp