Waterproof Jacket Washing Service

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Waterproof jacket washing service



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Waterproof Jacket Washing Service

We have been manufacturing sleeping bags and outdoor clothing since 1977, which is why we understand how crucial it is to take care of our equipment. We know that washing waterproof jackets with membranes requires special attention, so you can send your jacket to us, and we'll take care of the rest. If your jacket has any damages, let us know, and you can also request a repair (link to the repair service here).

How it works:

Add the service to your cart - you can pay upfront or choose the cash-on-delivery option.

  1. Pack your clothing/sleeping bag along with the filled-out form (link to the form), preferably in a box for safe delivery.

  2. You can use any courier service to send the clothing.

  3. Shipping address:
    PSA Małachowski
    Skoczowska 49,
    43-426 Dębowiec,

  4. Add a note: "WASHING" followed by the order number.

    To expedite the order processing, you can write "WASHING" and the order number on the package.

  5. Now, you wait for the return shipment of your fresh and pleasantly smelling jacket/vest/sweater or sleeping bag ;)


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