Malachowski Guarantee

Malachowski measures the quality of its products by one standard: whether they meet your needs.
We guarantee that every product we produce is free of defects; this includes fabrics, accessories and workmanship.
If you ever have a problem with any Malachowski product due to a manufacturing defect, regardless of how long you've owned it, simply bring it to us, we will repair or replace it.
If the damage is due to natural wear and tear or unintentional damage, the repair will be done as a service repair.

The product must be clean / washed.

Service for clothing and sleeping bags

We offer lifetime service for our products.
Damaged zipper, cut, burned hole - no problem we will take care of it so that our product will serve you for a long time.

Send the damaged garment or sleeping bag to us, include information about the damage and necessarily contact information.
Remember that when returning the product to us for service it should be clean, washed. You can also have the laundry service with us.
Usually the repair takes little time (up to two weeks on average), but during the peak season it may take some time, so do not leave the matter for the last minute

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